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Which Class Is for me?

Whether you are new to Barre, already in love with the practise or just looking for a new focus – at The Barre Fitness Studio we have the perfect class selection for you.

 Changes to Body Composition

If its toning, fat loss or muscle growth you’re after then mix your formats, a spicy combination of Barre Classic, Shaken and Stirred, Barre Fusion and Barre Cardio will keep your body guessing and working that little bit harder.

Sample your workouts over the week and aim for 3-5 classes per week.


Enhance Your Mood

Boost your endorphins with happy mix of Barre Classic and Barre Flow. The balance of low impact, high intensity exercise and a more gentle flow through the body, combined with your post class catch up will leave you with a natural high/smile on your face and a sense of wellbeing.

Try to balance 3-4 classes throughout the week 

Work with your Hormones

Throughout the month and over the years our hormones fluctuate, at The Barre our selection of classes can support you. Some days just moving your body with a lower impact or a shortened class is the measure, try a Barre Snack 30 minute class or The classic. On those ‘top of the world’ days give the Barre Cardio & Barre Fusion a go and watch your body and mind thank you for it.

Consistency is key so aim for variety, 2-4 classes per week 

New to Exercise

If you are new to exercise then The Barre has got you …. ease in with the Barre Snack or Core cult, a 30 minute class or its longer version The Barre Classic. Each class has modifications suitable for all fitness levels leaving you feeling stronger and leaner after just a few visits. Or why not try a 1:1 Personalised Session with our experienced team to get in tune with your body and build confidence.

Dip your toes in and then build your way to 3 classes a week. 

Up for a Challenge

If you are looking for challenging combinations, variety or a push towards a set goal our 1:1 Personal Sessions can identify your needs and build the body you want. Combined with Barre Classic, Shacken & Stirred, Barre Fusion and Barre Cardio you should be well on your way to an intelligent fitness programme. Why not book a consultation with us to discuss the perfect balance for you?

Looking to rise to the challenge then get stuck into 4-5 classes a week. 

Pre or Post Natal

Congratulations on your new journey, now its time to tailor your workouts. Make sure to tell us your pre or post natal phase and we can adapt each class to your needs. Whilst pregnant you’ll find the low impact Barre Classic or Barre Flow perfect to keep your body and baby in condition. Look out for our tailored Pre Natal Barre Courses to keep you on track and meet people at this special time in your life.

On the return to movement post birth some 1:1 Personal Sessions combined with Barre Classic and Core Cult can help you return to exercise safely focusing on strengthening from the inside out.

Each pregnancy is unique so get in touch to discuss what is best for you.

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