‘I had never heard of ‘The Barre’ until attending one of the classes. I absolutely fell in love with this form of exercise and how challenging it is simply using your own body weight. I then began training 1:1 and I have never looked back!

1:1’s are excellent and I feel so much stronger and healthier since training with them.’


 The instructors are fantastic! I have attended classes for several years and my core strength, tone, and fitness have increased considerably. They are brilliant motivators, with a great deal of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend their barre and fitness classes! 

I feel so much stronger and healthier since training with them.’


My brother has been having 1:1 sessions for over a year. He has learning disabilities and has never been keen on exercise.

He absolutely loves the training sessions which have been adapted to suit his needs and it has transformed his fitness and helped him to maintain his weight loss.


“My 1:1 sessions with George have really helped me overcome exercise anxiety. She’s helped me learn how to pace myself, listen to my body and work on sustainable exercise habits. I never could have got there on my own!”


‘I started doing barre and core classes when gyms reopened and we could attend classes in May 2021. When I first went I could barely hold a side plank and the instructor gave me advice on how I could improve and I practised at home. Five months later, my core has gotten so much stronger…


 I absolutely love my barre classes at the studio – I’ve seen a huge improvement in strength and flexibility. It seems to get at muscles you didn’t know you had! The classes are always different so there is no chance of them becoming ‘samey’. The instructors are so supportive and really good fun too. One of the highlights of my week!


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