The Barre


The Classic Barre

The original serving of Barre, a mixed ability workout to tone and strengthen from head to toe. This workout utilises the isometric burn, delving deep into those intrinsic muscles and stabilisers. Just a few sessions you will see a noticeably improved posture, balance, and a lifted seat. ‘The Classic’ flows through high repetitions and low resistance, to improve muscular strength and overall tone. A flowing sequence of cleverly developed exercises, that leave you feeling stronger and leaner.


The Barre Classic
Shaken & Stirred

All the beauty of the barre classic, shaken and stirred. We have spiced up the format to keep your mind and body guessing. Challenging combinations, that still give you the great barre burn and shake!


Barre Fusion

A melting pot of functional fitness techniques, fused with that added barre burn and lengthening throughout. Props will be varied to keep your body guessing, and strengthening will be more intense. You might feel this class a few days later!


Barre Flow

A beautiful balance of yoga inspired flow to lengthen the muscles, weaved with a sculpting delve into some Barre based strength and conditioning. A class that focuses on the intelligent use of different planes of motion, deeper lengthening, stabilisation, balance and relaxation. Let go of the days stress, and find yourself in flow.


Barre Cardio

An endorphin fuelled, high energy class, that adds an extra spice to the familiar Barre Burn. This class will keep you on your toes, working at a medium to high intensity. low impact modifications given throughout. If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular system, circulation, and burn fat then look no further. Get ready sweat!


Barre Snack

A class that condenses the best of that barre burn into a lunchtime snack. A full body workout, that will leave no muscle unturned.


Core Cult

A snack sized class to strengthen your core. The perfect addition to your lunchtime break or mid morning run.

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